[RESOLVED temp.] Mordo613


lol. I did read his trade records before, but he promised this time that he’l ship immediately:

He allegedly did go to the post office at least which may be when he asked my address. But he disappeared since then and I havent yet told him the receivers name (which is part my fault eh for not knowing how usps works, but derp anyways)

Not yet a complaint at this point but the mods or whoever can could maybe try and summon him in. He said that the iteml take 3-5 days to arrive, and although I can wait for one such period, I definitely cant wait two if i were to post this after this many daysd expired, because il travel away on 12th.


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A package coming from the US to Norway…Highly doubtful at with most shippers it could arrive in 3-5 days. I’m not trying to defend Mordo cause he’s scum but your expectations are pretty unrealistic. Especially complaining in less than a day of a deal.


Forgot to explain sorry. The address Il use in this trade is indeed in the US.

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You have 10 days for your package to arrive…just be patient and it should be there in a few days if he indeed shipped when he said he would.


Could you explain to me how USPS works? Doesnt it require the receivers name? This is my foremost concern atm. And adding that i havent got a tracking ref.


Umm… your package was sent out already.
Was about to send your tracking number.
I don’t understand what this is about


Why all the ruckus. I shipped same day man.


Do me one more favor and explain how USPS controls receiver identity, and then il put up the ‘resolved’.


I put your username as your name.
The name is not necessary on packages


k il take that for now. thx for helping this n00b out.
lol derp


I really don’t appreciate the jump to negative conclusions.


-You have been online for at least 1 hour before I made this topic, and you have received my PM 7 hours ago during your previous login today. I assume that is sufficient time for you to reply me there.
-This isnt a complaint as of yet as I said above and I hope itl never become one. I never accused you of anything as of yet. And I put ‘resolved’ up which means what it literally means.


Hey, this guy has a right, i mean if somethings fishy it helps the community to make these threads, and if you turn out to be a good guy…


I mean we agreed to the deal yesterday…
Come on…


It took you more than a day to get the tracking number to him that you promised within 4 hours


I thought PayPal would email him the tracking.