My yoyo resolutions this year are to throw for at least a half hour every week this year. I’ll go a couple months with out throwing and it’s disappointing. Secondly, I want to be way more active in the buy sell and trade community. I love giving and getting awesome throws for cheap and finding old gems. What’s yours?

the passion never dies

My yoyo related resolution is to have fun!

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Unless im down by injury, Id like to spend 30 mins minimum each day throwing. Id also like to explore more in both 4A and 5A.

I want to learn 4a, and make more of my own tricks instead of relying on tutorials.

I’d like to become proficient in 3a, 4a, and 5a.

I go from throwing for 2 hours some days to only an hour a week. My time always varies and I hate that. I have a yoyo in my car at all times so I have no exscuses lol

the passion never dies

I want to learn two new 1A tricks every week and maybe venture more into 5A and 4A

My only yoyo resolution is to have fun!

I’d like to have fun learning more 5a.

My Yoyo resolution is to learn how to throw again and get a good collection of Yoyos.

Mine is to learn the rest of the sport ladder. Only like 3 more tricks to learn on it.

I resolve to make the time to learn more tricks.

I want to compete for the first time!

My resolution is to practice my routine, and get past prelims at California states

Good resolution, but, take it from an old man, be careful about results you can’t control. Not trying to discourage you, but, you can throw the prelim routine of your life, and that is something to be proud of and happy about. However, if a bunch of others throw the routine of their lives, and their routines are just a bit more difficult, they might block you from advancing. We have lived it with my oldest daughter figure skating, routine of her life and she didn’t place, then, in another competition, two falls and she won.

Moral of the story - practice hard and try to take your happiness from the process. Don’t let others control your happiness.

Im buying more magnesium.

My resolution is to sell some yoyos!

I bought a bunch of No Jives, but I may hang on to them for a bit before trying to sell.

I bought a bunch of the Speed Dials, hoping that some people will be interested in buying my modded version.

Unfortunately I am a terrible procrastinator… :-\

They’ll probably end up collecting dust, or some will end up being given away to people I meet who are interested.

Ugh! No! Must get rid of some, including the ones I don’t throw much!