Resin 3d printed yos?

Hey, im new here on the forums, been yoyoing for like six years, and ive only seen about 2 resin 3d printed yo designs ever. Given its objectively better density varience density compared to extrusion printing, even with its other draw-backs, I don’t see why people arent making these designs. I really would like to be proven wrong on this, so if anyone can show me some resin yo designs then send em here. Also, heres a yo i made for resin, it’s kinda messed up on the rims but it’s still smoother than a 9 dragons lmao. It was made using the fluid print dynamics 3d printing spacer kit, with a da capo for scale.


Fragility is the only real issue. Much higher precision but just not up to taking a decent hit.


Plus, I found that designs that can get away with not having supports are pretty limited.

People say resin is really brittle but honestly if your walls are over a mil thick you dont have to worry that hard over it unless if you smack it into like a wooden or metal wall really, really hard. Then again, if it shatters then you could just print another one. I think a bigger problem is just designing one to print well…

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I don’t think I’ve seen any resin prints before, but I’ve seen a couple people 3D printing molds to make resin cast yoyos.

Candy Dice uses resin prints for some of their counterweights though and I love them. I’d be super curious to try a full resin printed yoyo.


This is a resin printed design of mine. I needed the Duncan weight rings to give it enough weight to feel like a real yoyo. I found that the only way to create a rim-weighted design using resin that wasn’t enormous, was to use weight rings. But even then, it was very vibey and not much fun to play with (IMO).


This thread is perfect, as I’m currently trying to get everything together for a resin printer; a test yoyo is one of the first things I want to try!

I remember seeing your yoyo in a different thread, and I want to know if the bearing seat was printed on, bc that might be a huge cause of vibe bc of how accurate the bearing seat needs to be. I do like the idea of the one drop side effects tho. But ye some of the designer dudes out in the thesis discord said the tolerances for 3d printing arent high enough to print out smooth bearing seats.

Also, could i get the specs on it?

Each body half was 56.7mm x 19.7mm x 24.5g. You can also see the bearing seat in the photo below.


I have had some resin prototypes I played with for months (before they broke).

Can definitely have some fun


That looks great.

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Resin printers are also quite a hassle to use, so a lot of people use FDM.


Oh ye I should have a final version of this properly printed out today and posted later when I properly take pics of it

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By “real” you mean performance oriented kinda like an iceberg but with thick walls? Because I found it hard to design plastic yoyos to be like that in general, let alone 3d printed ones.

By “real” I mean a yoyo that is at least 62g and isn’t uniformly thick. I wasn’t sure if a resin print would be heavy/dense enough, but I gave it a shot. Turns out photopolymer resin isn’t very heavy, and in order to make a yoyo that doesn’t feel like a wooden fixie, I had to make it thicker and bigger than I wanted. The Duncan weight rings helped, but couldn’t completely overcome the limitations of the medium I was working with.

Ohhhhh yeah if youre designing for photopolymers and just 3d printing in general i guess you do need super thick walls. If you make your walls dumb thick tho you can overcome that weight problem. My design is smaller or about the same diameter as a superwide, but including the spacers it should weigh about 69 - 68 grams when including the spacer kit and bearing. All of that is bc of thick walls. Idk if you’d call it competitive but its a real and very fun yo, especially the super lightweight one i got pictured up at the top of the thread. I think that one weighs about 60 total lmao. Should have pics up for the new resin yo today btw.

Also i forgot to mention it but the inclusion of the duncan weight rings in your design is sick.

Resin yo update: here’s what I currently got, I think ill make a new topic for this once I finalize the design, but it’s really coming along. I dont have exact measurements for it but its diameter is smaller than a superwides, and its width is about .1 mm shorter than an sf yoyos plstc.
I kinda rushed post processing on this, hence why the plastic is sort of marbled


Looks really great!!!

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