Hey guys! Guess what??? My mom and I (well, mostly me) found a flight to Orlando and we finally booked it and we are also staying at the hotel worlds is gonna be!! We at first were charged about $970 for 6 nights stay but we called in and they changed it so now we pay $300 less cuz we got the worlds discount!!! I’m SOOOO EXCITED!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


You’re so lucky…


drools Happy drools Throwing drools

Congrats haha, i wish i lived in america :’(

Anyway, can you please take a video of Mickey’s freestyle, and the prize giving thingy? I wanna see that ;D

Of course. I’m only recording the more important events like the final round not to pre-lims or anything like that.

Lucky! :open_mouth:

Wow, I can see that you are a big fan to Mickey.

Happy Throwing! =]

Mickey is too good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mickey’s good but I’m not a mega fan of him. I’m a mega fan of yuuki and sebastian.

For some reason no one puts the Award Ceremonies. Remember:

  1. Record the finals for each Division
  2. Record the award ceremony for each division
  3. Get Autographs and rub it in to our faces.
  4. Get Mickey’s Autograph and rub it in Rsmod’s face :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Always wear clean underpants
  6. Give Chris your One Drops
  7. Ignore #6
  8. Ignore #7
  9. Spin On!

YESSIR! I would never give away my P2 :P. I will try to cram all that stuff into my camcorder. Hope 156 minutes is enough… I want yuuki and mickey to sign my shirt ;D

It wont be until worlds comes to San Diego for me to go.