This was requested, so I posted it up! Hope you guys can learn from it also :smiley:
Think I made this up, but it doesn’t matter its really fun though!

No comments? Any one learn it yet?

Interesting. It kinda just getting into a 1.5 mount and letting go of the string and grabbing it again but it certainly does add charector to a style.

It’s from trapeze to 1.5 mount, not 1.5 mount to 1.5 mount.

I can do this trick once every 50 times. :slight_smile: It’s fun though.

Awesome cool way. I’ve learned from this. :wink:

Wat was the song?

Sorry, i meant to say the proccess, see, what i meant was that even if he didn’t let go of the string, he would of gotten into a 1.5.