Stand Still.


Hey friends.
Im some what at a stand still with progressing. I want to ask if anyone can help me with learning intermediate/ advanced tricks off the 1.5 mount that hits the top string, landing on the bottom string ( as in the first mount in white buddha). I see it alot in videos and i think it looks sick.
Any body have any suggestions, or tips?
Thanks, Travis from Oklahoma


You might try “Rock the Boat”, Ibanezcollector’s “1.5 mount slack suicide” , hitting “Popcorn Suicide” or G2 Jake’s “Smoothe Operator” from the mount. If you like repeaters, I have been doing that mount, popping into a double or nothing, then roll out and toss back into the mount, kind of like a Steve Brown trick. Repeaters probably have a varitable cornicopia of possibilities from that mount, if that is your bag.

I had the same problem with being stuck, awhile back. I took the advice that other’s had suggested and began just creating my own tricks from the mounts that I liked. They said to throw in a different direction (not from a breakaway), hit the mount from the opposite side, whip into the mount, miss strings, twist strings, throw suicides into and out of, slack some strings in the middle and place elsewhere, hit different strings than you normally do, bind in weird places and regen, etc. Too, I know it may sound funny, but I started naming tricks and it gave me a sense of accomplishment, and kind of sparked my creative juices. Just have fun with it. You no longer have to worry that you are “missing a trick”, but just formulating something new. I find you really see what tricks you like and find your “style” when comming up with your own stuff. It was very peaceful for me. Hopefully it is for you, too.

At any rate, I hope you have some fun with it. If there is anything else we can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask.

Much love and respect!



Man you hit a homer for me with that. Thank you for that response. I do still have a great time playing. It is also a stress reliever for me. But im going to do exactly what you recommended. Thos are good words of advice. And it gives me a completley different look at playing. Thanks again DY7. If i get hung up on something or have questions ill holler you. Stay up!


Theres nothing more fulfilling than creating your own trick. It does make it alot easier if you learn more existing tricks though. Different tricks add different elements to your arsenal/brain/muscle memory. Try different mounts. Brother mounts, double or nothing, Houdini, chopsticks, wrist mount and just mess around from those. Switch from mount to mount and get good at that then you can work on some cool tricks. Braintwister, boing e boing, skin the gerbil, etc. Then move on to cooler tricks like Brent stole looks hard but its quite simple. amikaze is a little harder but I got within the first three months of throwing so its not too hard. Candy rain is a really cool trick. Its pretty hard but you can learn it piece by piece so it makes it easier. Maybe try tricks like that where you can accomplish multiple goals in a shorter time frame and still work towards a more desirable goal. Kamikaze would fall into that piece by piece category. Just keep practicing and working on different tricks. Some you will get right away some will take time. Dont get down on yourself or be afraid to try a trick because it looks hard. They all get easier with time, practice time. We’ve all been there. You’ll get passed it and when you do you’ll feel like Andrew Maider going yoyo ninja on everybody. Its a great hobby because you can never conquer it. There’s always more just waiting to be discovered.


Thank you fellas so much for these great replys. Iv learned from these that once you are able to look at everything differently it makes it easier to think on how the tricks work if that makes any sence at all.
I love the way kamakazi looks. I just cant get into the 2nd mount after throwing it over each hand. But when i do land on the inside string i cant figure out how to drop that string off the NTH? To get into the mind bend? As iv heard it called that on tuts.
Thanks again.