Tricks from the one and a half mount?


I already know buddha’s revenge, and I was wondering if there were any other 1.5 mount tricks. Thanks!


After the first pass on buddas revenge, akr the string behind the normal string, and do the same motion. Now your in a kamikaze mount :slight_smile: I’ve been trying to incorporate that.


Revaluations, 1.5 suicide and white Buddha
We there is more but these are the only tricks I think at the moment.


Oh and there’s revolutions,white buddah, ladder escape, (can’t really spell it) kwijibo, and a suicide. I can’t think of more.
Edit: ahhhh when I posted it, ot said another person posted and took 2 of mine =( whatever :slight_smile:


Just go experiment with it and figure out your own thing. There’s a good amount of moves and tricks you can get into from it, or slight variations of it. I know that from experience. Just going with your own style and making up tricks will help you progress a lot more than just asking for tricks already made. :slight_smile:


This is very smart. Thank you!


1.5 Hops is fun


I like Branding. Really fun 1.5 slack trick. Lots of people use this trick because it’s fun, quick, and puts you back into a 1.5.


Oooh Im excited to learn all of these 1.5 tricks now.


The second part of and whut is in a 1.5 mount, an also the trick hour glass


Haha I love branding! I learned it yesterday, its not to hard, it took me like 10 min. Except for the suicide at the end XD


Ya… I havent learned suicides yet, so I was going to wait on that one.


Figure 8 is my go-to. Very weird, very cool, it will take a LOT of practice to get it looking good.


I always love popping 1.5 into double or nothing on occasions. You can then bounce from that back to trapeze + bro, then pop into just trapeze. It’s a fun little combo.


Definitely learn white Buddha


Try boingy boing from 1.5 mount, it’s basically the same thing normally but sidestyle.