One and a half mount late intermediate/early advanced tricks?

Do you guys have any 1.5 mount tricks for late intermediate to early advanced level? I just learned 1.5 mount but I don’t know any tricks of my skill I could use it for. Please help

I’d start with budda’s revenge and McBride Rollercoaster.

You can also use the 1.5 mount to practice the second last pop in Kwijibo. Land 1.5 mount, cross your non throw hand over your throwhand, and you’re ready to pop the yoyo into double or nothing (see kwijibo video on this site, you’ll see what i mean, its the pop to get into double or nothing).

Thats pretty much all i use 1.5 mount for right now! hope that helps! :smiley:

try tower to ping pong and just make up your own tricks

The first part of Cold Fusion shows you another neat way to get into a 1.5 Mount

Check this out!

Takes practice.

The roll over from 1 1/2 to the green triangle trapeze and bro thing from And Whut isn’t too hard to get down. Once you figure out the finger curl it’s nice and easy from there.