1 and a half mount tips

hi Ive got onto white buddha but im havving trouble landing the one and a half mount

Any tips or instructions?


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Well, did you learn the more basic tricks that had the 1.5 mount like Buddha’s Revenge, and McBride’s roller coaster?

The way I first learned how to get into the 1.5 mount was to swing the yoyo around and just have it hanging off of your right hand (throwhand). Then pop both hands straight up and then quickly bring them in somewhat of a semi circle to the right and the yoyo should be forced to go around your finger. Once you can do this consistently then you can begin to just move your right hand, but do the same thing. Soon you should be able to get into it without doing the popping part. Just let me know if you want a video of what I’m talking about.

Attempted to. Haha!

If its not too much to ask. please may you posta vieo if thats okay, thanks.


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In that case, I suggest learning those tricks first, as they are easier then White Buddha and are the basis tricks for learning the 1.5 mount :wink:

Try keeping both of your hands parallel to each other and parallel to the yoyo then flip it over and land it.