Repost Survey with 3D modeling pictures of yoyo I designed


Thank you to everyone that has already participated in my survey and I would like to get as many results as possible. I have changed it around a little by taking off the name and silly things like that. i have also posted some of my 3D CAD drawings. The yo-yo is based off of springs similar to the yo-yo designed used in the reflex. As you can see the red cirlces would have a small friction sticker on them and based on how fast my yo-yo is spining the red circles would retract into the yo-yo. this would allow for a couple things, 1. It would eliminate almost all friction on the string during play allowing for long unresponsive spin times but it is sooo unresponsive that it would be unable to come up in this state so as the yo-yo slows the circles move torward the strings allowing yo-yo retreval with a simple tug. 2. this allows for unresponsive play in 3a. I am not fimilar with 3A play but I think this is a pretty unchartered area. I think that some new tricks could be developed. I am going to market my yo-yo and I am going to try to put a video together of 3A tricks unique to my yo-yo so I am looking for experienced 3A yo-yoers in the Midwest area. Email me if you are interested. I have a link to the website that my pics are located on aswell as the link to surveymonkey for the survey. Thanks
Charlie Weikert


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pictures page isn’t opening… ???

(Chris Allen) #3

I am looking at the design, and I think it is a really good start, but I have a few concerns.
First: What is the weight of this system, keep in mind that most market successful yo-yo’s are in the 62-68 gram range.
Second: I understand the the ball weighted assembly will push the blue disk back in as the yo-yo slows down, but what pulls the blue disk and response system out on the initial throw, an what keeps the response from pushing to far into the gap?
Lastly: With your response material moving up and down the gap, what material are you using to ensure that the response won’t A: get stuck and B: wear down faster?

Answer those for me, and i’ll be set.


My yo-yo will weigh around 70g. a little heavy but this weight should help aid in even longer spin times. Second I am using a combination of brass and aluminum parts to prevent rubing and alteration of parts over time. when looking at the design the blue piece is spring loaded to retract into the yo so when the yoyo starts the counterwights push out because of rotational interia allowing for the blue piece to retract into the yo-yo. and to your last question the circle is designed with only 4 limiting sliding holes so the material prevents it from overextending. When retracted there will be .12 in of gap from red circle to yo edge when the red circle comes back out it will be .02.
Any other questions let me know.

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Sounds good, I would be willing to give it a try