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You made that? That thing looks absolutely fantastic man…




Wow those are cool


This is unbelievably awesome. I love how you incorporated the tree design on the yoyo and the logo. I am curious about how the response feels in play. Are there plans to sell these anywhere? Anyway I could pick up a sample somewhere? I’d love to have a go and give some feedback on the play.

This looks way cooler than any of the other so-called “high-end” fixed axle yoyos that are available.


If you look at the facebook link it says that they will sell a limited quantity of the yo-yo’s on ebay. :wink:


The response works great. You have to understand the dynamics of string tension though to get the most out of it. Low tension =unresponsive play; high tension= responsive play and fantastic stalls.
Infact, I designed these specifically to excel at stalls :wink: