Replay Pro: Bent Axle


My black replay pro took a hit to the axle when one half of it fell of the table where i was cleaning the bearing. It has quite a bit of vibe now, and the axle is clearly bent. Is there anything I can do for it?


Hardware store >> set screw >> as a start most YYF yoyos use a 4mm x .7 mm pitch set screw (length to fit).

If they don’t have a set screw get a regular screw and cut the head off. Smooth the cut end with a fine file or medium or coarse stone.


^If I remember correctly, the replay pro doesn’t use the same set screw setup like the rest of the yoyo factory’s.


Ummm, yes it does…

Maybe a different size, but it is a set screw.


The plastic cap is moulded around the screw, according to my research.


replay pro’s use some sorta’ axle system like duncan, however I have never ripped it apart too see exactly what. Fairly positive it is a bolt nut axle system. So first you need to take the cap off and see if it is removable.


OK, so pop the caps and this is what you see. Looks like a screw and a nut. Shouldn’t be hard to replace, just like a Duncan FHZ. Buy a new screw.


It is difficult to “pop the caps” on a replay pro without a lathe. It can be done, but it is hard. Just buy another replay pro, they aren’t that expensive


why the need for the lathe?

the screw side of the Replay pro is just loose
and you can push the screw to push out the side cap

yes it is very hard, but possible to push out the caps


The Replay pro uses a nut/bolt axle system. YoYoFactory covers the bolt with some sort of plastic or hot glue like material to hold it in place, it’s not part of the yo-yo mold and is easy to break the bolt free without damaging the yo-yo.

Take apart the yo-yo, place the axle half on the table (axle side up) and push on it or gently tap with a hammer (tap the bolt, not the yo-yo). It should pop the caps out along with the bolt. Take the bolt to the hardware store to get the proper size replacement.


Hammering totally worked! I’m going to get a new axle and hot glue it in. Thank you so much for your help!


Glad it worked!

Some advice for the new axle - Don’t glue it in immediately. Put the yo-yo together, test it out. If it has any excessive vibe, rotate the hex bolt one turn and put it together again. Once you get it smooth then glue it in place if you’d like, but the caps will hold the bolt in place even if you don’t glue it.


I wouldn’t glue the axle in.