Removing Glue (possibly more)

I have a Buzz-on Element X yo-yo, the main thing I want to ask about this now is that it looks like it was “over-glued” when it was put together. There is dried glue all over the yo-yo. Is there a way to remove all this glue with minimal harm to the yo-yo?

More than likely it was a sloppy repair job. Without knowing the type of glue there is no way to know. It’s made of polycarbonate. Acetone and lacquer thinner will affect the plastic. Mineral spirits and lighter fluid won’t.

I have no idea, the only think I could do is take a picture and hope it shows up.

so for the “more” part, I think I could make this yo-yo better, one thing I’ve found is that the axle is a little long for the yo-yo, can I just walk into a hardware store and get a small metal threaded axle?

Yes you can, but why do you think it’s too long?
FYI: It’s a stock 3/4 in. hex head 6x32 screw.

because when it screws all the way in, it pushes out past the yo-yo just a little to far. There is a too big “bump” pushing on the sticker on the outside. Besides, there is a tiny bit of paint on it, and I’d rather make even the inside look nice. Thanks! I’ll have more questions on it later.

Sounds like someone repaired that one. The excess glue is probably the result of gluing the rings back in.