Addiction Problems.

Ok, so my Mint Perfect Addiction was on the coffee table when I went to wal*mart that morning. When I came home it turns out my cousins from my dads side of the family had stopped in for a surprise visit. I was told my cousin (8 years old) got angry at something and took my Addiction and slammed it down on the wood table. Just straight down on its side. Theres no marks or anything on it…BUT…it does have this incredibly small vibe now. And it sounds like the bearing is making this tiny buzzing noise. Also, now when I screw it together and apart, sometimes the axle with just completely come out. Like the axle is totally loose. And when i screw it together, the non axle half sorta wobbles when it screws on.

Im thinking he screwed up the threads or the axle. Is there any way to fix this? The yoyo is still completely and totally playable, but I love this thing to death and want it in tip top shape. It just doesnt play the same after he hit it on the table.

Any ideas or advice? Thanks.

Wow when i saw the title i thought it was about drug addictions and other things like that.

Ok back on topic. what could help with the axle is either just completely replacing it or just getting loctite from a hardware store, but i think that would completely glue the pieces together and unable you to screw them apart so getting a new axle would be better.

For the buzing have you tried cleaning and/or lubing the bearing? If not, do it. Other than that nothing is really wrong with the bearing it happens.

P.S: If I was you I would of hunted down that little kid…

The blue loctite doesn’t act like a glue. It’s made out of stuff that gets really firm and viscous when it’s under sudden forces like impulses or vibrations. It was invented to stop screws from jiggling out of their threads in situations where you still might want to unscrew them. Since it’s most effective under a lot of vibration, and a good yo-yo doesn’t have a lot of that, blue loctite, while it’s widely used for yo-yos isn’t actually that effective. I’ve also found that the excess loctite flakes off and gums up my bearings. It’s also not permanent. You have to reapply it every now and then. It’s way better than nothing, though, and gets the job done fairly well.

Another thing you could try is rapping your axle in teflon tape. This wouldn’t gum up your bearing, but it’s way more visible than loctite (only when you unscrew it) and it’s probably a pain when it starts to unravel. I’ve never tried this method, though, so I can’t give an accurate comparison to loctite.

If a new axle could fix your problem, I’d totally go for it. I don’t know anything about changing axles, but that seems like a way more permanent and aesthetically pleasing fix than anything else available.

The buzzing is probably just a side effect of the vibe. Does the same bearing buzz on other yo-yos or if you flick it? Banging it might have deformed it a little bit, too, which would suck, since there’s no way to fix that.

Teflon tape would be the way to go. Threadlocker might permanently screw it up. I suggest telfon taping it too because the axle most likely got bent when he slammed it, even if it was straight down. It also could have bent the threads. Teflon tape would tighten the axle against the threads, helping it over all.

Totally love the title of this thread!


Dont worry… :wink:

I can see the headlines now, “Sudden disappearance of 8 year old child. Police still investigating…” lmao

No, they’ll never find out…

cousin avenges his yoyo