Removing a Axle - Don't care if it gets damaged

I have a messed up axle in my DM that has lost its threads, I don’t care if the method damages the axle, any one here got anything other than the 2 nut thing?

First of all it’s not “a axle” it’s “an axle”, and to answer your question if you don’t care about the axle just grab it with some pliers and twist it out.

I tried using pliers but it made me sweat like heck. So try using VICE pliers.

First, you sound like an idiot when either a) you’re just wrong or b) the person edits their post to fix the minor error you felt compelled to point out. The wording as it is right now is correct.

To the question…

I usually have good luck with channel lock pliers… just dig into the metal as hard as you can and twist. Yoyojam axles can be irritatingly tight sometimes…


So I’m safe in assuming that when you’re talking to someone you would say “I have a axle”, I’m sorry but that is quite incorrect Kyle.

At the same time, tyler3490, it is an extremely trivial grammatical mistake.

Agreeing with kyo, I love channel lock pliers for this.

I agree that its stupid to argue about it, I’m just a bit tired of Kyle never admitting he’s wrong.

Umm, that is a mistake I do sometimes. I got them out using the 2 nuts thing my dad did it for me, and now my DM works. Thanks guys for trying :stuck_out_tongue:

If we’re going to have a stupid argument, fine… allow me to point out -why- you sound like an idiot.

Sure, ‘a axle’ is incorrect, but that’s NOT WHAT HE SAID. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt and thought ‘the OP may have edited his post after the fact’… but I guess not?

“I have a messed up axle in my DM that has lost its threads” is perfectly correct.

‘I have an messed up axle in my DM that has lost its threads’ would be wrong.

Anyway, good luck getting the axle out.


Just so you’re aware, “a axle” appears in the title of the post, not the body. Yes, it’s wrong. Yes it’s a minor error that didn’t need to be pointed out. Just giving you (Kyle) a heads up as to where Tyler is pointing out the error. With that said… Tyler is a stupid doo doo head (rofl).

Ah, thanks for point it out… I never read titles really.


I thought we were passed the correction of simple grammatical errors, and the brushfires that emerge from them! Not even my 2nd grade teacher gave me this much grief over saying “I want a apple for lunch”.

Please remove/edit your posts to reflect information that is actually useful to the OPs cause.


Where would we be without absolutely stupid posts that serve no purpose whatsoever?


Guys, lets take it down a notch, he removed his axle, our job was to guide him on how. Now that his axles out, jobs done, so lets not fight, esp over something as minuscule as a or an.

Cooped up in the corner playing World of Warcraft? Wait nevermind.

Maybe we can lock this thread?

put in vice grip, TIGHTEN it, twist

Read the whole thread next time. :wink:

Are these people like grammar natzis?

plz lock so these lovebirds can fight somewhere else