Remember the P1 or the 888?


Maybe this is for some of the old timers that have been around for more than the last few years. But when I began my throwing hobby, undersized yoyos were all the rage. I remember taking the day off work just so I could be at my computer when One Drop would put up a new run of their projects up on their website. They 888’s were king as well. Most of the “in” yoyos were undersized. Fast forward to now. I think it’s safe to say that most modern throws are now “standard” or “over-sized.” I find it interesting that nobodies hand size has changed but the preferred size of our yoyos has.

Anyone think it will return to small? I never liked the smaller throws, even though I owned many of them .
Ahh the good old days.


I still love undersized throws, the OG 888 is one of my favorite yoyos ever.


I love small throws still, but the reason why everybody is producing larger throws is because they perform better. It’s much easier to distribute the weight so that it’s stable, yet responds to plane changes if needed, if it is over a larger diameter. Now that’s not saying that there aren’t any smaller sized yoyo’s that can achieve this, because there are a bunch that are quite stable for their size.

I don’t think that, from the competition point of view, smaller yoyos will really become big again unless players start doing very technical tricks that use a small amount of string or utilize many chopsticks-style moves. However, many of my favorite yoyos, although they may not be ideal for a competition, are considered undersized or close to undersized.


I don’t know, there are still lots of great undersized yoyos out there. I picked up an SPYY Supra a couple weeks ago and love it. I just got my Bapezilla.2 a few days ago, and it’s quickly turning into my favorite yoyo.

Beyond what I’ve picked up already, there are several other small yoyos that I want. The Ricochet and Wooly Marmot 2 come to mind. The Yelets and Dingo are also on my wants, as well as a Tenyoyo Dropbear.

I think that small yoyos are arguably more fun, but as was said above, larger yoyos tend to perform on a higher level due to the flexibility in weight distribution, therefore they’re naturally more prevalent in this somewhat “2nd boom” that we’re experiencing nowadays.


Now that contests are more common, getting a competition ready yoyo is becoming more popular. I still love undersized yoyos because they are more fun, but all of the companies want to win contests so that is what they produce.

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I dont know if it will ever go back to small, but I want it to. I love undersized yoyos. The Gnarwhal1 is soooo good and stable and better than many full-sized yoyos.


Can’t we get more undersized with A-bearings. I’d like that a lot.


I want a run of “Legacy” 888’s. All based in the '07.


I still have a soft spot for the ILYY E1NS. It was such a beautiful yo-yo and fit so nicely in the hand.

I still have my OG Y-Factor and E=MC^2.

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The Dietz is one of the best yoyos I’ve thrown. Admittedly, my sample space is somewhat limited, but it stacks up pretty well against most of my throws.


It’s already been done and was called the Classic 888


when? I thought the last 888’s were the 888.11 and 888x.


I googled “Classic 888” and found an article from 2009. So I think it’s been a while.


The highwall days… oh how I won’t miss those days…
I never understood why highwalls were desired anyways. Can someone explain that?


I dig undersized and mid-sized yoyos. Spin Dynamics Smooth Move and Monkey Fist are all-time favourites. :slight_smile: Supra is simply awesome and also fun.

Yeah. I don’t have much more that’s smart to say on the subject. I hope companies continue to put out an undersized yoyo or two from time to time.


The 888.11 is also part of the Classic 888 series


How? It’s completely different.


the 888.11 is a 2011 version of the YYF classic. You may notice a few small changes in the body shape, but those small changes make a big difference in its performance. The 888.11 is also just a bit lighter than its predecessor

from another sites description


They probably just mean its based on the 07 888 rather than the 888x.

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I love my 07 SB 888. So amazing. Sucks that I’m having to sell it.