Relive the past or move on


Ok so my first unresponsive yoyo was a yyf starlight that I loved sadly I lost it and I have a question for the yoyoexpert comunity should I
A. buy another starlight for sentimetal reasons
B. move on and buy a more advanced yoyo like a northstar



Whatever feels right, man. Miss it like CRAZY? Would you be willing to pay for it again? Buy it.

Not worth the money to you? Get a trigger. You won’t be disappointed.




It depends on your skill level and all that jazz. Trust me though, nothing is more trusty than a protostar (or northstar)


Don’t mention it. :smiley:


Its not that i need a trusty yoyo my blood brother or 888x can do that, its more for nostalga.


My friend owned a StarLite. I liked it. It feels more solid than a Protostar IMO. If I were you, I’d get another.


Here’s what it comes down to in my mind, are you looking to refill a gap left by the sentimentality you feel for your lost StarLite. Your use of the word “nostalgia” makes me think maybe yes. In that case I suggest you go ahead a buy a new one to replace the one you lost.

If you are looking to improve on the playability with your next purchase then obviously you’re shopping for an upgrade. It sounds however you feel you have this role covered with your Blood Brother and 888x.

This is going to be my recommendation from the sense of your thinking I get from your posts so far; replace the StarLite you lost. I just get the hunch you are more wanting your StarLite back then you are shopping for a new throw all together.

(However, I’ve never held or thrown a StarLite. I love my Protostar, I consider it either one or two among my best plastic throws. [Maybe three, it’s a tight race.] From everything I’ve ever heard it’s superior to the StarLite.)

Give you an answer and then take it right back again. This Banjo guy ain’t much help at all.

(SR) #9

If you are really missing it, buy another one.

But I would get a ProtoStar. Seriously.


Just a update i just placed a order for one yyf starlight thanks alot you guys (and girls i don’t want to offend anyone)


Hey man thats awesome. I did the same thing when I started back up again 12 years later,lol I bought another bumblebee then I found my old one. I still missed it even though I dont like throwing that style yoyo.


My question is what do you want to buy this new yoyo for?


I would have waited for the One Star lol.


Yeah i hope i can still get one.