Ok so Adams yotricks video he breaks down regens pretty well and Ive watched it several times. One regen works in the same way as a loop where the yoyo flips over upon going around the hand. So for this way if you are in side style, you throw the regen and you remain in side style. However when the yoyo does not flip you go from side style to front style and vice versa. My question is how the hell do you know which one is happening and how do you control it? Ive tried over and over and even as slow as I can and im having trouble nailing any consistency. It either ends up flipping changing the spin direction, or not flipping, or just going sideways as hell. This one is evading me.


Practice with a responsive yoyo. This Video may help from YoYo Master Dennis McBride (McBride’s Rollercoaster).


It’s a feel thing. Sending soon direction and how to regen properly from the each side is something you learn gradually through many many reps and trial & error. A 2-tone yo-yo can also help with this.


Dag — that McBride character is one smooth dude with a yoyo


Grand Master Yo-Yologist

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What I do is I throw a few tricks right after my regen (like skin the gerbil) feeling for a slight snag or the beginning of a bind. If I feel that, I know that is the way it is spinning, and the correct way to bind. So from there I adjust my tricks accordingly.

If I were a competition thrower, of course this technique wouldn’t work. But for casual play, even fast casual play, this works great and prevents that horrifying unexpected bind directed at your cranium.


Two toned yoyo thats a good idea

Ok so ive been practicing today and throwing regenerations from different binds using front style and side style. Ive gotten them pretty clean and I have discovered (by two toning my yoyo) that I am almost always keeping the yoyo from turning. Which is the first way shown in the yotricks video. And after rewatching the video I realize that the rule breaking same side regen as he calls it where the yoyo flips is because you are starting the regen with the string on the opposite side of where it is for the normal ones. NOW I get it haha. Also its funny to see that this is where Im at for the requirements to start this technique. 2a is way too frustrating for me and I suck at it.

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