How do you do them well? Every time I do it the yoyo has a lot of vibe until I touch it

Some of it depends on which yoyo you are using. When I attempt a regen on my Ac2 95% of the time it ends up vibey, but I can consistently hit multiple regens with my og wooly marmot and fhz. I think that regens are way harder to pull off on throws with lots of rim weight, where as I find it easier on throws with more center weight.

This is my experience as well

You also have to realize that this is a Trick of the Fixed Axle Origin. To do it on a Binding Yo-Yo is much more difficult, it is also easier to learn on something like a Raider, Bumble Bee, or “Modified Shape” Yo-Yo.

Jeff Pang has an awesome Regen Tutorial somewhere on youtube.

I feel like the high wall on both of those yoyos help with keeping it from being vibey.

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mine seem to get vibey when im a little late initiating it. if i start them at the right point i can get smooth ones on all my throws.

I find if im getting really vibey ones consistently, ill pick up a fixed axle for a min to get the feel of it again and then switch back and helps dial it back in.

Also working on mine daily, but after a LOOoooooooong time, it’s still vibey as heck.

Like lax, I found that if you start the regen motion a little on the early side, they are smoother. Sometimes less powerful but smoother.

It’ll also smooth out a bit as you play through it. If you’re planning for it to be in a routine for a competition, maybe stick to a short combo after the regen and plan for a bind. :wink:

ive been recently looking at this too… i find that my g2 triton usually comes with almost dead smooth regens. the cypher has more of a tendency to have a little more vibe will my shutter can regen easily and not vibe. My rainfly no matter how hard i try always vibes like crazy on a regen.

i have a feeling it tends to be in the category of what shape and where the weight is positioned.
the shutter has a good bit of rim weight and it stays pretty smooth on the regen.
the Rainfly has the ss rims which i think add a good bit of weight to the rims but it vibes.
the triton imo is a floaty yoyo and it tends to not vibe.

i think an organic shape with tends to have the best regens while shapes with more of a v have less to keep them in check so they vibe on the regen.

In the end it may just be the way i regen and all the above words may just be nonsense.

It goes really well yoyofactory Shutter and even smoother on yoyofactory Regen (as name suggest) but not that good on yoyofactory shaqlerstar as it has a more v shape I think h shapes are better for regens.

I’ve found a couple of things to help with getting smoother regens:

1. Starting the bind at a reasonable (preferably lower) speed. If the yoyo is spinning too fast it snaps back quickly and when you try and regen you won’t have the same control and you’ll probably end up throwing a wonky regen or breaking something.

2. Regen smoothly, slow down if you need to. I know it’s tempting to throw a really fast regen because it looks great, but it’s more difficult to get the motion right if you’re going for speed. Slow it down a bit and make sure you follow all the way around in a smooth continuous motion. The smoother the entire motion of the regen is, the less likely you are to get tilt and vibe.

Start the regen at the right point, which is around mid-way up the string (takes practice). If you start the regen too quickly then you won’t have much string wound up and you’ll end up with a weak spin, but if you wait too late and the yoyo is too close to your hand then you don’t have the same control over the motion in order to get it smooth and chances are it’ll end up wonky.

I find the biggest factor for me in wonky/vibey regens is when the regen occurs/begins too close to my throwhand; either from starting the regen too late or the yoyo spinning too fast to allow me to do it in time. Rather than having it shoot straight towards your hand and they flicking it out again like a 2A loop, you want it to stay a distance away and loop all the way around, almost like you have a knot in it and you’re doing a pocket-watch style spin.

I don’t know if any of this helps, but I love regens and have put a lot of time into getting them fairly smooth and consistent, so this is just what I’ve experienced. :slight_smile:

(Granted, the yoyo can make a difference, but technique is still key as far as I’m concerned.)

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Just practice

^^ Sure, but “just practice” needs mindfulness. Practicing the wrong or less efficient technique over and over is going to be a lot less effective than “here’s some good technique… practice this while being mindful!”

I’m teaching a colleague to play. “What is going wrong here?” he asks, so I watch. “Oh, you’re reaching WAY ahead with your throwhand. It needs to stay in line with your other hand,” I remark.

He continues to just throw it the same wrong way. Haha! He’s not “mindful” of trying the corrected technique, he’s “just practicing”. And he will continue to get it wrong until the hands are on the same plane. He will get there faster if he’s mindful, or he will get there eventually if time just eventually brings him to that point. :wink:

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