Regen help

Does anyone have any tips for regenerations?

I practiced with a normal unresponsive yoyo, I made responsive( I just got my worst bearing and over lubed it).

Try practicing them with a butterfly or some other fixed axle.

thanks ill give these a try

Are you good/proficient at looping? Looping well really helps with regens. Going all the way back to the basics is sometimes key. I was terrible at regens until I put all my unresponsives down and just started really killing old school loops with a Yomega Fireball.

Let the yoyo do the work. Wen I started working on them I tried to throw normally as it came around. The force of the yoyo coming up the string being redirected is enough. My advice is just start practicing and be gentle.

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jeffrey pang has a REALLY good regen video on youtube. try searching 1a regens yoyo

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Experiment with distance before you made the hand motion

thanks for all the tips, iā€™m getting better at them each day :slight_smile: