I’m seeing this term being thrown around a bit and cant find anything related to yoyoing on it…what exactly “is” a regeneration?

A regeneration is when you bring a yo yo back and then send it out again with out catching it! It’s a lot like looping, if you take a trip to the learn section, under offsting tricks, Andre shows an offstring regeneration, which basically summarizes what they are!

You regenerate the spin in the yoyo. Like looping, you throw the yoyo out and then back to you. But instead of catching, let it go over and under your hand and flip it back out.

Some times this can be in 1A, as in I see it most when some when hand starts a yoyo and without enough spin to retrieve in a good wind, you flip around and back out, that should give you enough spin to make a good nice bind, Sometimes, if you are a pro at regenerating, you can make a yoyo keep spinning forever.

oh like how andre does in some of his tutorials when he doesn’t catch a snap wind and yet still makes it look throwing it around and catching look good. ok I think I get it

Yah, except a regen can be anything that makes the yoyo spin more so long as It doesn’t touch you hand.

my prob with regens is, sometimes the thing doesnt want to flip, and it wont spin the right way