what is that?
i always hear that.


When you start the yoyo strong spinning again, like a hop the fence or loop, you wind it up and send it back out, so its spin gets stronger. Usually done in offstring.

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I though a regeneration was when you stop the yo-yo with your hand then restart it with you hand again. Like what JD does.


Nope, that is a Stall.

Josh FTW!

Look at the beggining, when he doesn’t touch the yo-yo and does a “Hop the Fence” Thats a regeneration. He is teaching a stall.

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Ahh ok thanks.


Well, that seem like rewinding the yoyo, not much regeneration.

Happy Throwing! =]


Thats a stall alright, but JD usually lands his stalls on his hand, arm or back ;D


yea thats right rsmodx.

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Like Andre does, like a looping motion. You’ll see it in nearly all of his videos. :wink:

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You can do 1a regens as well. They look really cool when well made: