1a Tutorial - Regenerations

Next installment of ‘how to build a yoyo trick combo’
The Regeneration!


I also invite anyone who has cool regenerations they would like to add to post them here.

Thanks for this :slight_smile:

You are welcome! I’ve re-uploaded the video to correct the misspelled title. It also has a new intro graphic, the winner of the last contest.

Very helpful video, but I noticed there wasn’t anything about regens that don’t change the spin direction. Is that a thing? I’ve definitely pulled it off but it had a ton of wobble. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in freestyles though.

I’ve only just started working with regenerations myself. I’d love to see a slo-mo video of it happening, becuase I can’t wrap my brain around how it would work.

Just do a bind but throw it the way you threw it originally instead of the opposite. I can’t do it without getting it extremely tilted, but I imagine with good enough technique it would be possible.

I managed to land it, thanks!
I"ll add that to my repitorie and perhaps film a specific tutorials about that.