Refunded after agreed to sell and addresses exchanged?

So i was working on a trade… Came to an agreement gave my address paid (via PayPal). Time to sit back and wait for my throw…

Later that day I get a PayPal notification that I had been refunded. Attached is a message stating that “I decided not to sell it was a gift etc.” I am a bit upset as we made an agreement I paid and now I am at square one.

I would like to see how the community weighs in on this and if any Moderators would like to insert two cents they are more than welcome.

I think this is bull. Whoever did that deserves Negative in my opinion, and usually I get mad when people do that without actually trading. Essentially this is like you sending the yoyo then he sending it back(If it were a trade).

I was torn between this deal and the YYR lucky box and since I made this offer first I followed through. No longer capable of the other side of the coin as they are gone. I just think it is bad form.

That’s against the rules, I think.

It is my understanding that once Addresses (or address in a purchase case) are exchanged that the trade is a solid deal.

I don’t think it’s quite right.

I absolutely think you should have every right to give this person a negative feedback. You had to forego another purchase opportunity to make the deal, and now the person wants to unilaterally “undo” the deal.

If the throw was a gift, they should never have listed it in the first place. The right thing to do, is even if it was a gift, they should part with it, to keep their word. How old is this person? Can we presume someone’s parent objected to the sale after it was done? Some parents will say it’s a gift, you should not have done that…undo the deal.

Either way, I’d give a negative for that…pretty messed up in my eyes. In order to right this wrong, this person owes you a brand new throw…the same one you had a deal for. Only then, might I consider not issuing negative feedback. But, if the throw was rare in some way, no way to really compensate for the deal not going through.

It’s not against the law, but it’s a negative feedback. It’s not like you’re killing or outlawing the seller. It’s not the end of the world to give a negative feedback for an unpleasant transaction… that’s what the system is in place for! A future trader sees the negative feedback and can then decide if it was a deal-breaker or not.

It’s not like the seller’s BST “career” is over because of one feedback that they feel they could justify or explain if ever questioned…

However, it’s just yoyos. You shouldn’t expect anything more out of this, and nobody has the power to give you more than this. Don’t sweat it too much: leave the negative feedback and move on.

I think he should give a legitimate excuse before he trades again…

Sue them!! This is America, isn’t it?

But yeah, I’d be steamed. Especially since I managed to snag a Lucky Box :stuck_out_tongue:

Leave that fool some negative.

Sounds like he gave the honest truth: “I got cold feet at the last second because this was a gift; couldn’t go through with it after all.”

Whether we think that’s a “good” excuse or not doesn’t matter much… it’s probably the truth. Can’t expect him to turn around and invent a better story than that!

But realistically, we’ll just never know. It’s a negative feedback: “The seller backed out of a deal after it seemed closed. My money was refunded but I lost other opportunities because of it.” End of story. The seller shouldn’t have to come out and make some sort of public apology or whatever… the feedback system already handles this situation.

At least you are not being scammed by Darxus or anything…

And I’m having troubles with a trade at the moment. Why are people like this?

I have my suspicions on this as it is someone with zero feedback. His BST had no pics I had to have them emailed. My payment of course was goods and services… It was a colourway that have been on the lookout for, so no replacement in sight. I am out nothing but opportunity. Leaving negative feedback is what I shall do. If things change I will have the MODs change it but I doubt it. I don’t think I was dealing with a child email wasn’t childish. Thanks for the thoughts, opinions and support.

Same thing happened to me (kind of) a while back when I was buying a mint red with silver splash peak. I paid for it the guy said it was shipped then his story didn’t make any sense and I expressed my concerns so he offered to give me my money back until it got to me since he already said he shipped it but they didn’t give him the delivery confirmation number. I felt better about that then the next day I message him and he sad I gave you the money back already our business together is done and I already sold it. It really bothered me cause I wanted the yoyo not my money back. Still pretty upset with that and feel like I should of got the peak.

I assume you have the same trade issues with the same guy I traded with. Hope things work out for you and I.

Different human being. I doubt mine will show his face around here as he does not seem like an involved member of the forum. I hope all trades are accurate and fair (some day).