RecRev STAX Issue

Hi, my RecRev is having trouble holding STAX. I’ve tried two different pairs. Whenever I try to screw the yoyo together, the STAX just stay while the yoyo halves rotate. Is there a fix for this? I was going to try superglue but I wanted to check first.

Not sure how the Stax work exactly, but try pulling the yoyo halves apart while screwing them together to put some pressure on the Stax. I find that works with side effects, but then again side effects are obviously a much better system so might not work for you.

No, I need to screw it together and I put pressure on with my fingers but that doesn’t work after a certain extent and the yoyo still isn’t fully screwed together.

The STAX are press-fit. You’ll need to pound the new ones into the yoyo. I suggest a rubber mallet and a wooden dowel and gently tap it into place.

You had to bang them out, so you should expect to have to bang the new ones back in. If the STAX are staying still while the half rotates under them, the STAX aren’t seated.

DO NOT use SuperGlue.

No, actually they pretty much just fell out when I took them out at first. They came out very easily with me just using fingers.

Maybe yours just fell out, but he’s telling you what you need to do to get them back in.

With a press fit, if the fit is too loose then it will never stick in there. You might need an exchange …