Recrev sine//saw or Clyw BvM2

Sorry i keep posting these threads i really want a nice throw that i can do anything with for competition i like the sine//saw’s price i could get two of them for the price of one bvm2 , i have never bought a clyw before i tried a poptart avalance once and it was great but how does the recrev sine//saw stack up to clyw bvm2 for competition?

My preference would be the RecRev Silly Goose, which is a larger diameter throw than the Sine//Saw, more in keeping with the BVM2. As far as play goes, both are great, so pick one and go with it. The RecRev felt like it played a little hoppier to me if that’s of any use.

I hear the sine//saw stacks up to a chief in sleep time is that true?

I suspect it would be true. Not to knock on CLYW, but many throws over the ~$60 mark are very equal in performance if they’re good yoyos (i.e. Werrd Hour, etc.).

I’d suggest RecRev throws because my favorite throw, the ILYY Fury 2012, is in very close competition with my RecRev @. The new axle system is slick, but I fret the availability of replacement parts.

I have an @ and a Silly Goose. If you’re interested on reading up on them, I wrote a review forever ago.

Unfortunately, I have not tired the Sine//Saw. It does look like the @ though… If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message.

Sorry for the delay, I guess ArchersAxe and I can stick together our experience because I have a Silly Goose and a Sine//Saw but haven’t played an @. In my opinion the Silly Goose is more stable and perhaps slightly longer spinning than the Sine//Saw, but really with any of these throws you don’t need to worry about spin time.

thanks for helping!

how would you compare the sine//saw to the bvm2 or any clyw for that matter?

I personally prefer the BVM2 to the Sine//Saw overall, but I mean when you compare the price difference it’s hard to argue with the RecRev at all. The play really is fine, but for me the Sine//Saw isn’t really great in any one category, just all round decent. It’s reasonable rapid and decently stable, but not hugely enticing - whereas my feeling is that some CLYW throws have a bit more personality, with my favorite being the Canvas. Having said that the Canvas is designed to be good organic fun: not what the Sine//Saw was being put together as. The BVM2 was designed to be a pure performer regardless of budget and is a good representation of the best of CLYW. It’s a pretty darn good competition throw. The Sine//Saw doesn’t perform quite as well in my opinion, but is about half the price.

well i am looking for a competition throw so ill prob just pick up a bvm2 and then get a sine//saw around blackfriday thanks for the help!