RecRev Silly Goose...string cutter?


I just got a RecRev Silly Goose (Nickel plated version) and noticed that one of my strings had a little shred in it after playing it for a few minutes. Quickly ditching that string I put another on. I was playing it today, trying it out more when suddenly my string slices right off. I’m using the 100% poly YYE contest string which I have yet to snap on any of my other throws.

Those who may own this throw: Any fix to this? Anyone else experience this? I also noticed my Aoda Littles (feels like a similar material) is good at slicing string and ended up making my own poly/kevlar hybrid…pure kevlar was way too slippy and a bit rough.


Where is it cutting? Look for sharp edges where the cut happens.


After you ind the sharp edge try rubbing it with you jeans or something else that is denim. I’m pretty sure that’s how you stop string eating.


That works for rough surfaces. If it’s a sharp edge - no.
Since it’s nickel plated I doubt it’s a rough surface issue.


Oh I know it works with anti-yo’s so i thought thats just what you did. Thanks


With Anti-Yo it was the rough surface wearing through the string, with the exception of the eetsit, where the string would cut when it slipped between the bearing and the sidewall. It too had the surface roughness issue, but the string being cut by the bearing was more common.