RecRev neuae

Hey guys, heres my horror story of a neuae.
I perhaps got the WORST B-grade I possibly could have. It was responsive. The bearing seat was messed up, there was circles in the sides where I think perhaps they tried to engrave it then decided to stop, which were larger on one side and smaller on the other which obviously made the weight horrid. There was pinpricks everywhere. It vibed like heck, and it spun for about 20 seconds. So, I decided to destroy it. I’d love to think of it of more a z-grade than a b-grade.

Why destroy it rather than contacting the store you got it from for a refund or exchange.


Exactly what I would have done.

When I have an issue with a YYE order(there’s been a few, stuff happens), I take it up privately with YYE. After the always positive end results, I then hit the forum up to share my experience. I like to try to turn a negative into a positive.

Since the OP didn’t get this from YYE, I am fairly sure where it was purchased from. I am having an A-grade held for me. I have had many, many dealings with the owner of that shop as well and ALL of those interactions have been nothing but positive as well. I even had a defective yoyo shipped to me, and it was replaced.

However, at this point, we’re past any sort of resolution. The user destroyed(or claims) the item, so any refund/replacement offer is off the table.

Not to detour, but my policy lately is “shoot first, play yoyo later”. All new items I receive are NOT played until they are photographed. If defects are found, additional photos are also taken to show any physical damage. I am happy to say that I have yet to have to do this, except that one that was mentioned earlier. So, at Nationals, I’ll be walking around with a backpack full of new yoyos that I won’t be playing until I get home and photograph them a day or two later. That’s OK, I’ll have plenty of other “players” with me to keep me occupied.

In closing:
Issues pertaining to defective or less than satisfactory merchandise should be taken up privately and directly to the place of purchase. Once the issue has reached resolution and/or conclusion, it may then be talked about publicly.

BTW: I’m enjoying the heck out of my B-grade first run f(x).

Nah I’m just done wig buying from retail stores. I’ve made maybe 2 or so purchases without problems out problems and 20 or so purchases total. For now, I’m sticking to buying irl or from the bst

I got an amazing B grade neuae…
You just jumped to conclusion and should’ve returned it…I know for a fact the store you purchased from would’ve refunded you.

So yours plays alright?

It plays as smooth as most of the metals I own.

I played one, it was fine. What a waste.