My irony jpx received axle-loose…the retailer says he sent me the yoyo as new but out of the boox it was not screwable,seemed already used and forced.Even a throw with this beast :’(retailer says the fault is mine because he can not check every yoyo he sells and some defective yoyo can always happens and he gave me the e-mail address of the Company for every problem)How to avoid this kind of problems when buying yoyos?I believe I will never more buy a yoyo if there are risks as these!
p.s.the retailer speaked about legal terms of imagine and I’m afraid(I have erased another post with the address of the online-shop).This post was just to relieve :’(


Buy from another retailer who takes pride in what they do and won’t threaten you with legal action. While I agree that going to the manufacturer is the best option most of the time, the retailer should certainly not be acting that way and I would never buy from them again.


Agreed with Chimera. Work through it with the manufacturer as best you can, but no matter what the result is (even if you get a replacement), that retailer should be losing your business.

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That is why I shop at YYE. Nothing ever goe’s wrong and if it doe’s YYE has amazing customer service and it always gets worked out.


Don’t feel bad it is not your fault that this happened. A responsible retailer should be refunding you or sending you another yoyo that it is not faulty. As previously said you should never shop there again and move on to better and friendlier retailers.


I might as well vent too. :smiley: I had a similar experience with an online retailer, whose name shall remain nameless. You all know YYE gets 90% of my business. But sometimes things are out of stock, or they were once in stock, but I passed on the item, and later changed my mind. These stories are both from the same exact retailer.

Incident #1

I see this item listed for about $20 below retail price. Hard to pass that up, so I go ahead and buy it. When I get the item that is supposedly “new,” I realize that it’s the same splash that I saw in the stock photo of the store listing. In that photo, the yo-yo was depicted outside of the box. No big deal, because a lot of things we buy were taken out of the box for a photo, then returned to the box.

When I took the yo-yo out of the box, I noticed a huge ding in the catch zone. It was a big deep one too, the kind that’s all silver, knocked the ano clean off. So, I saw the same item still in stock at the store and figured no big deal, I’ll send it in for an exchange. I contacted the store, and they responded to go ahead and mail it in for the exchange. I sent them a tracking number for my return package.

When the store got the returned yo-yo, they messaged me stating that they sold the last one in that color to a customer in their actual store (brick and mortar). They asked me if I wanted another color instead. I responded that I did not want another color, and I would take a refund. They got a piece of my mind too, because they knew that yo-yo was coming back for an exchange, yet they did not hold the last one left in stock for that purpose, and sold it instead.

That should have landed them on the chopping block for my business, but then there was…

Incident #2

I hated to do business with them again, but I passed on this other yo-yo when it was in stock at YYE, but later changed my mind. After I changed my mind, it was out of stock. I looked around and this was the only retailer in the U.S. that had this yo-yo left in this color. Trust me, it is a really pretty throw. So, I noticed this store had a few in stock, and I bought one. ::slight_smile:

When I received the yo-yo, it had a ding on the rim. This was a $120 yo-yo, and there was another one in stock, so I figured I’d send it back for an exchange. Obviously, this store is notorious for letting people throw the yo-yos they want to sell as “new.”

This time, I called the store on the phone. I spoke to the guy who seems to run things for the store. I told him about what happened, I told him it happened before, and asked him if he allows people to throw the yo-yos he sells as “new.” He stated that mostly they throw the low cost stuff, not the high end stuff. I expressed to him that someone is apparently throwing the high end stuff too. I let him know that the yo-yo was coming back for an exchange, and requested that he remove the last one in stock and hold it for the exchange. He agreed to do so. I mailed the yo-yo back for the exchange. Before I did that, I took photos of the damage.

The next day, I saw the yo-yo still listed for sale on the site, when there was supposedly one left, and he previously agreed to remove it for the return. I contacted the store by email, and they sort of said, “sorry about that,” then removed it. I followed the tracking to be sure the return was received by the store. They sent me the return and I received the same exact yo-yo back in the mail, with the exact same damage.

Needless to say, I sent it back for a return, and purchased the yo-yo outside of the U.S.A. instead. I believe, if the manufacturer was aware they did that, they would be furious. The store wanted me to believe every $120 yo-yo from the same manufacturer had the same exact damage in the same spot. :smiley: That reflects poorly on the brand.

Shame on me for giving that store another chance. I’m officially done with them now. :stuck_out_tongue:


There is absolutely no way any good business would be threatening you with legal action. A few things I would suggest:

  1. Never ever buy from that store again
  2. Get in contact with the manufacturer to resolve the problem. Stu and the other guys over at Werrd are pretty cool guys and they’ll sort it all out for you
  3. Let them know which store you purchased from as well because I’m sure customer service like that reflects badly on Werrd as well.



Maybe even contact other companies to drop that store.


I was once shipped a yoyo on accident from a retailer that I had purchased from in the past. Wanting to be honest, I let the retailer know that I had the yoyo and told them I could return the yoyo if they gave me the return address. They seemed thankful and offered me a discount on my next purchase. Keep in mind I paid for the return shipping on something that I didn’t order with my own money. From then on the retailer would not return my emails. Would acknowledge receipt of package, never offered to reimburse me for shipping, never sent a discount. Retailer is now removed from my favorites bar