Defective YYF problem

Hello everyone I purchased a YYF loop 1080 set from yye and one of them came with a rattle that turns on and off, I sent Patrick Mitchell a message on FaceBook, he hasn’t responded in a couple days, what should I do, thanks for reading

P.S. I haven’t hit it off of anything

Go to the yyf website go to help and send them a email they will get right to it , they helped me with my stripped genesis

Talk to the place of purchase(YYE) and handle this PRIVATELY first.

Patrick Mitchell is a nice guy but very busy.

Contact the retailer you bought it from FIRST. If they can’t help, then try contact@yoyofactory.

For future reference, messaging a company employee on their personal Facebook account is probably the absolute worst way to get a customer service issue handled. Always go to the place you bought it from first, then official company website second.


That’s good info. I always thought to go to the company first for a perceived manufacturing defect, considering I wouldn’t have thought to put that responsibility on the retailer.

Agreed. The retailer is the best idea first. The retailer can confirm, through your order number, that you actually bought the item new, and not second hand off the BST or something. The manufacturer has no idea first hand which one is really the case. The retailer can more likely facilitate an exchange from existing stock, where the manufacturer may not have the same stock on hand anymore…because it all shipped out to the retailers. The retailer can then communicate with the manufacturer about the store getting reimbursed (or not) for any defective items that were returned or exchanged for a given reason.

Indeed, it’s not the retailers responsibility, but they are the best people for you to talk to about an exchange, at which point they will talk to the company and get their money back.

It’s usually “contact the point of purchase” as your first stage of trying to get an issue resolved. Fortunately, the trail is short in the yo-yo realm. Retailers tend to purchase direct from the company. The retailer has certain things they can do, and depending on the issue, may advise a different course of action. Because of the nature of yo-yos, the warranty can be a tricky area in many cases.

Actually, it IS the retailer’s responsibility. Part of the point of selling your products at wholesale is to allow for an additional layer of customer service. In mass market, manufacturers give retailers a “defective allowance” discount off wholesale when they maintain a certain buying volume. For specialty retail, the retailers simply replace the defective products to the consumer, then report them to the manufacturer and then get a credit towards their next order.

Selling your products at wholesale to retailers is a manufacturer paying for three things: marketing, additional customer reach, and additional customer service.