Brand new qubit arrived damaged

Let me start by saying I’ve ordered many throws from YYE and have never ever had an issue and I’m NOT saying this is a YYE issue. Literally minutes ago I opened the box and little bag from YYE and my qubit is damaged. Has anyone else ever had a brand new throw show up damaged ? What if anything can be done about it?


I would PM @YoYoExpertGarrett or reach out to YYE through the contact link on their page. The entire team at YYE has an amazing customer support ethic.


I don’t get why people post publicly to social media their issues with orders and stores instead of directly emailing the store and solving it first.

I really hope you emailed YYE before posting this.


I thought this was a good place for advice.
My bad if I did something wrong.


I’ll give him the BOD here. He may genuinely not know who to contact and is looking for that. I didn’t get the impression that he was bashing or putting them down.

But, yes. Always attempt to resolve an issue with a vendor privately first. If attempts top do so fail, then bring it to the public forum.

This is good advice for any interactions in life.



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Sorry for my initial rudeness.

Reach out to YYE via email. They have an amazing customer service, and they will solve this issue faster than what they could have done by posting it publicly here.


Don’t listen to them!!!

I’m pretty sure this is kinda like one of those golden tickets bundled with a Wonka Bar and they want it for themselves. Soon you’ll be invited on a magical tour of the yoyo factory where you’ll marvel at the unbelievable sights and sounds of yoyo production at the hands of tiny factory workers from the country of Loompaland. Play your cards right and don’t succumb to your own character flaws and you stand chance to inherit the entire yoyo factory from its delightfully eccentric owner.


Thanks for the advice guys. I was in no way trying to be disrespectful or bash anyone here.

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4 Likes is a great place to start for issues like this. I’ve reached out to them a number of times over the years with order issues, stock questions, general help questions, etc., and they are always outstanding. :+1:t2:


I’ll buy the damaged one!


Yeah. No worries. We are discussing in DMs and will get it taken care of. Sometimes those marks rub right off and are a finish thing - but as we spoke this might have been one we missed and we will definitely swap it out no problem! :heart::sunglasses:


Thanks Guys,
Incredible customer service! Another reason why I will always shop at YoYoExpert.


I received a yoyo with a tiny scratch in it. I emailed YoyoExpert and they apologized and said they would be happy to exchange it, no problem. I suggest you reach out to them. Not sure why you didn’t do that to begin with.


Feel free to give him my address as the ‘returns dept’. I’ll get it taken care of :wink:


Comin’ in for the save as always :muscle:

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Hey guys…

I ordered some yoyos from Yoyoexpert.

I am sure they are going to come damaged. And I am not happy about that.

Should I call them up ‘now’ to let them know?

I’ve ordered dozens of yoyos from YYE. And this is the first time I had a vision they are all gonna be messed up.

I’m really upset.

This is the saddest day of my life.

I hesitate calling them first. Because …

Well; just because


its common sense that if something you receive in the post comes damaged you contact the place yo got it from, straight away. If it was damaged in transit you contact the shipping company. more often than not, no matter where or when it was damaged the company that sold you the item will sort it and then claim off the shipping company, if it was damged in transit that is.

Thank you all for your kind words. What a sincerly caring yoyo community we have here.