Just in case you were ever thinking of ordering a yoyo from amazon.

So this Christmas i had a friend whose parents thought they were ordering an Authentic yoyo factory Horizon from what they thought was a stable Chinese company. Christmas day he opens it plays fine yesterday it developed a little responsiveness. Today the bearing tightens up I confirmed it was a trash bearing, but that is only the beginning of his issues.
Since his bearing was being funky i decided to take a good look at not just the bearing, but the bearing seat and this is what i found. The axle is sunk halfway through the yoyo and is digging deeper while the other side cant keep the threading in it. I asked to see the box it came in before he gives it to me he says the box has a mark on it. I looked at the mark and it was a big fat B… his parents paid over full price for a yoyo that should never have been sold because of the bearing seat. Needless to say i had to go to his parents house and try to convince his very stubborn father that the yoyo he had bought was nothing more then a good paper weight unless it was re-tapped which is a risky business. So all of you who think that Amazon is a great site just remember that the only safe yoyo to buy from Amazon is a magic yoyo since it is already bootleg… other then that DO NOT EVER BUY A YOYO FROM THAT STORE!!! or you might end up with a Bgrade horizon that you bought for seventy bucks.

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jeez! i would never pay over $65 for a busted horizon!

They didn’t know… the funny thing is today i received a free Bgrade shutter from yyf today that plays perfectly except that it has a small bump on the spin cup where the drill didn’t cut right.

To be fair, it is not amazon, it was a company selling thru amazon. They did nothing wrong, they must have lies about what they were selling.

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The only Horizons sold on Amazon are at normal retail price from another well known American retailer

Modman the kid told them the only really safe place to buy a yoyo is yoyoexpert…

oops apparently there was someone selling a horizon at that price on amazon. im only going on what the parents told where they ordered from and how much they paid.

It’s a common mistake, if it is fulfilled by amazon you are going to get amazing service, not everything off of amazon is great, some are independent stores that are good. And some are just random people selling hunks of junk.

Never ordered from Amazon and never will! It’s either YoyoExpert or my local yoyo store, whom doesn’t allow the returns of all metal yoyos.

ahh yes that place. not sure why they wouldnt return metal yoyos specifically, but i did see that sign there. havent given them any of my money.

I’ve purchased yoyos from Amazon more than once and everything went fine. Like Modman said, you have to make sure you’re buying from a reputable toy store since all Amazon does is act as the middle-man. I feel terrible for those parents because they weren’t aware that the seller was not legit, but this problem can happen with any kind of product Amazon provides and not just yoyos. This is why I always read the comments for the product as well as research the company that’s selling the product. Hopefully your friend’s parents will take those precautions in the future.

But when all else fails, go to the source. YYE is one of the best skill toy stores in the country. :wink:

I would also recommend buying from YYE Just because it’s an awesome site, but I’ve never had a problem with Amazon not stepping up when there was an issue. I ordered a medicine ball once and tracking showed delivered but I was home that day and it never was. Despite a third party store being the seller Amazon.com made sure everything was fixed. No hassle. Next time buy from YYE, it’s better. Call or email Amazon and I’m sure all will be fixed. Maybe your issue is different but I think Amazon cares. It would be bad business if they didn’t.

U got a free shutter?

Oh and would never buy a yo yo over $25 from a Chinese company, especially brand name one

Hate to say it, but I had the exact problem with a shutter bought here at YYE. The difference is, YYE made it right.

i paid full price for a shutter that had got axle bump, but never contacted retailer or manufacture, regardless of my inactivity i have purposely avoided buying yyf throws since, so one way or another the little things do matter. i could have bought a space cowboy but instead i got a mmc and im completely satisfied.

Well, you’re missing out.

That is like saying, ’ I bought a New car. I had a problem with the car. But I never went back to the Dealership to tell them or give them a chance to fix the problem. But I will never buy that Brand of car again.

Yes, I know; that made totally no sense at all; just like your post.

But you are correct about, ’ It’s the little things that count’.

Sometimes little things like getting back to Manufacturers or vendors; when you encounter defects/problems. Then if they fail to even try to fix things; then you come to the Forum and let everybody know.

Example #2

Hey guys; my house caught on fire and burned down last night. The Fire Department wasn’t any help at all.

…did you call the Fire Department and tell them your house was on fire?

No; but they didn’t help me.

Hint <> find the Brightness knob and turn it up.


hah! good thing were talking about a $50 dollar yoyo and not a CAR or HOUSE.

do you work for yyf or something?

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yoyodoc that was probably one of the most sensible posts i have ever seen… thank you sir for sharing that with us.

Whether it’s a yoyo or anything else, his point is just as valid. If you’re having issues with the product, why would you not contact YYF so they can fix the issue. I don’t see why you have so much hate for them, it’s not like they refused to help you out, you just never let them know of the problem

no actually his “point” is one of the most bogus things ive read online.

and the whole “hate” statement sums up the internet pretty well…

you guys need to stop hating on me !!!