Recrev f(x)


Hey guys. I know I make an annoying amount of these, but… The f(x) looks really nice. I have found a great offer on a b grade, but I have heard that they vibe really severely if not properly tuned. Does anyone have an opinion, because others say it is has a very minimal vibe. I am fine with some vibe (I.E normal for a plastic) but if it wobbles or plays ridiculously badly because of the vibe, then I will consider something else.

(2Sick Joey) #2

They don’t vibe all that much…If your a vibe freak and cant handle a tiny vibe then don’t get it but to get them dead smooth requires tuning. It’s one of the best delrin’s I’ve played and if you dont mind a tiny delrin vibe go for it


Mine has some vibe, but nothing that will stop me from playing it.

Another player here had one with too much vibe and RecRev exchanged it at BAC. His played poorly as a result of the vibe. It wasn’t a “preference/tolerance” thing, it was a “clearly not a good one” thing.

I am strongly tempted to buy another B-grade one based on the one I have. I don’t buy doubles of too many, but this is one I wouldn’t mind having a second. In fact, I am strongly debating buying 4 or 5 more and giving 4 of them to a friend as his competition set.

I probably won’t do that though. I’ll probably just get 1. This friend and I are more leaning towards Code 2’s or Chiefs for his competition set. Or maybe Freq.Wavs when they drop again.


Um… You know studio, you could buy 4 and give them to me…
In all seriousness, thanks guys I think I will grab one while they are cheap.


Studio, I doubt they’ll ever drop more freq wavs. Alex does one run of a yoyo and moves on for the most part


I asked him about this specifically and he said not now, but later this year there will be more Freq.Wavs produced, so that’s what I’m going off of.

They’d be better off as a company by doing multiple runs. Their product is in demand and people love the performance and pricing. It would just be good business.


Oh excellent to hear! I’ll be picking up another then.