Anyone have a Recrev Freq. Wave Review?

(2Sick Joey) #1

Any reviews, impressions or anything to describe the yoyo if you have played it.

Interested in them but would like to hear more


Thanks in advance


JD handed me one to try out at Nationals. It was a model I was interested in. I like RecRev, and I have several of their models: The Sharp(2), the TA-1(I also want a TA-1S) and a Facade. All of which I have been very pleased with. Of what I have, the Facade is my favorite.

That until JD put the Freq. Wave in my hands. As I said, a model I was interested in. V-type shape, which I like. Felt good in the hand. Smooth, stable, agile, plays fast or slow. Well, I was hooked, I bought it on the spot. This is a really good yoyo. It includes a Crucial Grooved bearing. I’m super pleased with this model. I’ve been playing it quite a bit and really enjoying it a lot. I mean, between the Facade and Freq. Wave, the price difference is minimal(around $5). They have very different personalities, but are both solid players. I will say that I feel the Freq. Wave is definitely more competition oriented.

The Freq. Wave, like other RecRevs, is reasonably priced. In fact it costs at least half of what it performs at. Yes, it clearly plays far above the $100 mark. If you haven’t tried a RecRev before, this is the ideal one to buy in at. If not, then the Facade. The TA-1 is nice, but the Facade and Freq. Wave I like a lot better. The Sharp is in its own category, it can’t compare, but it’s also good as well.