supernova vs freq wave


saved up andnow i can get one just need a fast v/hshaped yoyo mid weight and good for horizontal what do you think ishould chose or what doyou recomend i have 82 dollars so79 and lower


I can’t comment on the Supernova. I played one and I didn’t care for it. Preferences, nothing more. It was good just not something I wanted to add to my collection. However, don’t let this influence your decision.

RecRev… Freq. Wave… Oh my! I immediately liked this one at the first throw. RecRev stuff has played amazing at prices that just don’t make sense, but hey, who am I to question their price structure. This can handle anything you want to make it do. V-shaped, plays fast or slow, grinds, plays horizontal, front style, side style… Plus, I think it costs less than the SuperNova.

The RecRev Freq. Wave ships standard with a Crucial Grooved bearing. I think the SuperNova ships with a CenterTrac. Of course, you can swap out the bearings of either to what you want it to use.

I think you can’t go wrong with either. YYE carries both so you know that YYE must feel good about carrying both models. I think for the money, the Freq.Wave is not only the better value, but the better performer as well. My recommendations almost always based on stuff I have. I don’t make an exception here. I gotta say Freq.Wave.


I have not thrown a freq wav, but I have heard it compared to the chief, which I love and consider one of the best Yoyos ever. That said, the supernova is my main carry. At almost half the price of the chief (I got mine during the election sale thing when it was less than half), I love it. Nice and stable. It is not v shaped though. I don’t think you could go wrong with either, these are only my opinions.


Oops! I did not see that you wrote h shaped too!