HELP! Spending time... :)


Well, either way I win in this situation… ;D But which one…
RecRev Freq. Wave
Irony JP?


Hmmm. I would go with the Irony JP if i had the choice of those two.


What are your preferences? They are very different, and do you have a certain price range?


I say go with the freq wav. Save yourself $50 and the reviews have been amazing.


I’ve played the Irony(not JP). I DO want an Irony.

The Freq. Wave, at it’s price, it’s an insane bargain. Very much a “must have” for sure. Couldn’t wait to grab one of these at Nationals, and I did!


I am looking for a semi-replacement for my Overdrive…


I don’t know… could be a permanent replacement…

Serious. Once I got my Freq. Wave, I’ve barely touched my Chief or AC. I also recently got a Positron and I like the Freq. Wave better.

But, as always, it comes down to individual preferences. I’m no expert by any stretch. Gimme a Classic set up unresponsive and I can be quite content.


Can’t replace the overdrive. Too good of a yoyo.

I say Irony JP. It has more perfoamance than the Freq.Wave, plain and simple. The irony is amazing and the JP version is even better. I am not a fan of recrev but I did want to try there new throw and I did but I was definitly not inclined to buy it sorry to say. Love the look and shape but performance is all I care about.