review on Freq. wave?

Hi. Can anyone do a review on the rerev freq. wave please? I’m thinking about it. Just want another opinion.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Just got mine yesterday, and boy o boy, it is fantastic. Very Chief like in both play, shape, and feel on the string. The Freq is thinner though, but it doesn’t hinder tricks at all. It’s not slow, but not fast either. More on the fast side than slow side though, if i had to rate the speed on a scale from 1-10, 1 being slowest, 10 being fastest, its like a 7. I would highly recommend it for the price.

Something else i would recommend to you might be the Capless. another great budget throw.

Thanks ill keep the capless in mind.

Probably the best competition Yoyo for under $100.00… problem is this throw rivals my friends’ Caribou Lodge Chief and Arctic Circle (According to him)! It plays fast on the string with some ungoldly balance! Spin Times are absolutely great and IDK about everyone elses… its probably the balance against the bearing… but this thing is ultra quiet! Stability is crazy… when it does spin out on a meduim throw it turns over so slow you can easily make your adjustments with enough time to complete your trick!
Only quip… there might not be enough of them for me to get a second one! Ooops just rechecked the website… they’re out everywhere! I hope the guys over at Rec Rev are makin more! Buy it dude… my friend says he’ll skip out on his Chief replacement for one of these when they have more available! I’d say that’s a good que from a hardcore Caribou follower… that its great! As for me… I’ll keep it simple… best throw from Rec Rev! Buy it dude!