I think my search is over!


For years I’ve searched for that elusive Yoyo. The one that takes all the best aspects of everything released to that point and combines them. I believe I have finally found this throw.

The Recreational Revolution Freq.wav

I’ll sit down for a couple hours later on in the week and write a full review. But to be up front about it, this Yoyo hardly needs it. It plays phenomenally. I cannot recommend any Yoyo more than this one. And I’ve played hundreds over the course if a few years.

Hit me with any questions you have!


I CAN’T wait for this review.


i tried a freq.wav. and let me say it was… AMAZING. probably recrevs best release yet. annodization on it is sick and it played amazing. it plays a LOT like the chief in my opinion. maybe even better. idk. need one in my collection to give a proper review


It’s VERY similar to a 67g chief play wise. It’s a little more nimble while retaining a great spin time with a powerful spin. Has a lot of characteristics of both the supernova and the chief. Just a fantastic throw!


This is probably a dumb questions, but how is it for grinds and more specifically thumb grinds?


any type of grinds are amazing with this yoyo


Even horizontal finger grinds are excellent


Crazy yoyo actually improved my looks and raked my entire lawn.



sounds like a seriously hardcore throw, eh? :wink:


I’m becoming increasingly more tempted to want to pick this throw up, over the burnside I’ve been saving up for, but I don’t know which one to fully go for… Dang :confused:


You can’t go wrong with either, but I’d pick up a freq wav if I were you.


Well, it is cheaper, maybe I’ll make a thread on it. It looks sweet too!


I have a question about this yoyo!
YYE just released it, listing it with a weight of 67.2 grams. Then there’s this other site, listing it at 66 grams (different colorway). Then there’s this third site (same colorway as YYE) listing it as 67.6 grams.
Anyone messed up here, or not?


According to my digital scale:


67.36 grams.
I’m guessing there is some wiggle room in the specs.


Ahh, right, thankyou! :slight_smile:
(ignore the last PM i sent you)


What PM?

Just kidding. No worries. I’d always rather people ask questions to get answers, even if it means sending me extras.


Well, I hope your right man, cause I got one on the way.


Cole we need to film, and ya I agree the freq. wave is THE yoyo to have


What? Im unfamiliar with Wave. Is it a fixed axle throw


Look here:


It’s unresponsive and comes with a Crucial Grooved bearing.