Best RecRev?

What do you think is the best RecRev?

RecRev freq wave is my favorite!!! I have 5 of them

Freq. Wave is a clear winner although the Silly Goose is also really nice.

Putting in my vote for the Freq. Wav! its a fantastic throw and plays well beyond its price tag.

Freq Wave is not available, right? What’s the best one available?

I think the Freq Wave is available on another store that is not to be named…random story but I went to Best Buy the other day to get my friend a present :slight_smile:

Any other RecRevs good?

Silly Goose is my Fav

If the opportunity to buy a second Freq.Wav comes my way, I’m taking it. This is a brand so affordable I will end up buying most of their models in multiples.

By far, in my experience, Freq.Wav is the best RecRev. The “@” is great, and the sine/saw is fantastic as well, but the Freq.Wav is just where it should be for me.

After that, the Octave. I just recently received a second Octave(both are OG’s) and a second “@”. I already have 2 Silly Goose, 2 sine/saws, 2 Sharps, an A and B grade f(x), a TA and TA-1S. The Octave is just a fantastic organic-type shaped yoyo.

I would like to try more RecRev models. Their performance to price ratio is simply phenomenal.

I like the @ the best, followed by the Octave 1. Definitely the best brand for the $.

I see what you did there…

Octave 1, followed by Freq.wav and then by the Fig.4