Show Off your RecRev Throws !!!!!

(2Sick Joey) #1

RecRev has been making amazing throws for years and are often overlooked but they scream amazing quality at very reasonable prices! They do happen to be a favorite company of mine. Everyone ive owned has been great and I happen to have a decent collection of them now. All amazing players that deserve love!

I have a Silly Goose, Sine//Saw, F(x), @, and two Freq. Wave

Lets see what RecRev’s you have!!! :slight_smile:


I have 3 freq waves, f(x), and an @… I hope to get a silly goose and sine//saw soon


Is that a Freq. Wave in the middle right? Whatever it is, it looks amazing!

(2Sick Joey) #4

Yup its a custom Powdercoated Freq. Wave I had done by Mullicabob! Still one of my favorites


Wow! A great colorway on a great throw!