RecRev 33 1/3 vs. Cafe Racer vs. Di Base

I can’t choose they all look so good. Also what about the zen 3 or the hspin beysick are they good.
i should i try to do it the hard way and save for a clyw

all the throws you mentioned are great and will most likely give you the same play ability
i cant say one is better than the other and saving up for a clyw is all up to you if you think you need a high end throw right now

Staying on topic with your choices:

I have the Cafe Racer and DiBae. Not sure if I want to get the 33 1/3, but that’s not to say anything bad about RecRev, as I have the Sharp and that’s a great throw, as well as the new TA-1(not released yet).

Di Base all the way. I like One Drop too, but the DiBase really works for me. The Cafe Racer left me wanting a bit more.

Beysick? It’s a D-bearing and right now I don’t do so hot with D-bearings. It can perform just as good as anything out there, just not for me right now. It is a good yoyo though.