Stepping up them prices

I’m looking at three yoyos

-Di Base
-Cafe Racer
-G Funk

Ignore the prices, I could care less about a 5 dollar difference

If you noticed. The shapes are nothing alike. I’m cool with whichever shape.

I don’t have the G-Funk. I do have the Di Base and Cafe Racer. I’m also not interested in the G-Funk, but that’s my choice.

The Cafe Racer comes with the budget OD 10 Ball baring. It’s nice as nice as the “regular” 10 Ball, but it’s nice and an easy swap out. Doesn’t use side effects.

The Di Base is a V-shape, which I like. It comes with weight rings, but I haven’t found a need for them. The bearing seat is obscenely tight. I am tempted to swap out the stock bearing with a KK I have on hand, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I find this shape works better for me and how I play vs. the Cafe Racer.

Between the Cafe Racer and the DiBase, both are solid players and winners in their own right. As price is not a factor in my decisions, I just happen to like the DiBase better

I actually like my Di Base better than my Cafe Racer. However, I got the Di Base used with a Center Trac bearing which I like better than the OD Budget bearing. Someday I’ll get to putting either a 10 Ball or a CT/KK/Grooved in the Cafe Racer and I reserve the right to change my opinion at that time. :wink: On shape alone, I really like the Di Base. Both are great throws. Never played a G-Funk though.