I really hope there isn’t already a thread for this, but if there is please redirect me because I don’t wish to break rules ALREADY. Ok so, specs of the yoyo I want-

Big, easy catch zone
SMOOTH, FLOATY, I want something relatively slow and groovy to throw, with a little heft and weight
Bead Blasted? (Optional)
No pocket throws
Something under $140


Oh and thanks for your consideration.


the cheaper colors of chiefs seam to fit your specifications. you can get some colors for $135 new or get one on the BST


YYF equilateral.


I agree. The Chief is about exactly what you described in the specs you want.


That would be nice, if it was in stock


Wow. Sold out already? They are nice. I have one. It isn’t bead blasted though, not a great grinder. Nice player though, probably one of my favorite YYF’s of all time.


Maybe a One Drop CODE2 with the disc side effects?



That’s what I was thinking. I really enjoy my Code 2 with the discs. It gives it some more stability and makes it a little bit slower.


It does slow the yoyo down, but floaty? It seems to me that its just moving slower with force and purpose.

I have two Code 2’s. One is completely stock. The other has disc side effects. I’m sold on the disc side effects for this yoyo.


I looked into the code 2, and it is almost exactly what I wanted.
If it helps, I am REALLY into the rounded butterfly shape, like in the wooly marmot, Spyder 2, Anti Yo Viszilla, but I cannot find one in a full size/oversize yoyo.


The trend isn’t in that direction at the moment. I hear the CLYW Puffin is suppose to be Peak-shaped with Chief-type rims. I’ve already laid aside cash to be available to get one. This might be a model to look for.

What you’re looking for is a very classic-type shape. I don’t see this shape ever going away. Best I can think of is the new YYF Champions Edition Roll model. It’s along the lines of what you are after. Also, the YYF DNA and Mutant DNA might be other similar models to consider as they have somewhat similar shape.


I came across the Dif-E-Yo OverHaul, and it has the same feature as the Code 2, but with a more rounded shape. I’m thinking about going with this, what do you guys think?

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Difs aren’t the flavor of the month at the moment. However, a dif seems to meet the criteria you have listed. I have several difs and wouldn’t get rid of any of them. A really solid yoyo that can take a lot of abuse.

Difs don’t get the love they deserve in my opinion.


Alright, perfect. I am not a competetor, and I do not yoyo for speed adrenaline. I YoYo for the groove. I want something that goes with the flow, and is calm and floaty. I think this baby is gonna be in my hands in the week. My Spyy Addiction should also be hear in the next day or two.

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Difs aren’t exactly floaty but very smooth stable, and fun.