Recommendation for these

Ok so I’m getting my first metal soon but there are other throws I might consider. I’m considering the champ g-funk since it’s $10 cheaper(If you know why post)the Duncan Echo, or metropolis, or raptor. But then for near the same price as the duncans there is the big bearing FHZ and the Severe. So since the severe is limited being a champ collection should I go for that and get my first metal later since there lots of stock? What do you think, feel free to mention other throws that might fit my budget $55.

There is a 90% chance studio will post here.

Cmon I need to know fast.

C3 di base. I don’t have it but from all I’ve heard it is great get this one. Also god tricks makes some great metal throws. Dv888 has a small gap but is undersized. This was my first metal throw. If you can step it up to $65 vet the C3 capless. Overall with the budget in mind I’d recommend di base but if you want to stay undersized go with the dv888.

the raptor rocks. hard.

I concur wholeheartedly with Pajama Man here. The Raptor is underrated and oft overlooked and in my opinion would be an outstanding choice in a first metal.

C3 DiBase

Did anyone read the whole thing? Should I get a severe and a first metal later?

Am I that predictable?

Let me talk about the Raptor. This was a model I feel was heavily hyped here on YYE, and as a $40 metal yoyo, you have to wonder “is this actually good”. Well, I made it a goal to get one at 2012 Nationals, and the attraction was this was a model that would have the customer Nationals 2012 caps in it. Let me say I am enjoying this tremendously. My only complaint is the bearing, which was heavily lubed, so I swapped it out for a clean bearing and it’s amazing!! I mean, we’re not talking One Drop or CLYW amazing, but wow, really, this is a bargain. The shape is bland, it’s rather boring, but we’re talking function over form, and this is a must have.

The Echo is another I want in my collection.

The Metropolis is great, but my first one was a string eater so had Duncan replace it. Problem solved. Different is all I will say as compared to the Raptor. Much more competition oriented for sure and a few more things it’s capable of based on the shape.

Now, we’re talking first metal vs. a perhaps limited edition Severe. This is a tough area. I don’t care for the Severe. We’re talking preferences ONLY. My dislike for something should not be taken as “this is bad, avoid it, because he’s an idiot who likes everything”. No, when I dislike something, for the most part, it just means it doesn’t fit my preferences. Personally, I can’t find flaws with the metal Severe. This might be one you do jump on and get a first metal later due to these being limited. You’ll get metal-type performance at metal prices, but with grindability and plastic advantages.

My son got the G-Funk Champions Edition, and honestly, I don’t like it. Again, preferences. He prefers his DM2 over it. But, then again, he’s always grabbing my Albatross. This kid is gonna be a problem!

The Raptor, Echo and Metropolis, those can be had at any time. There’s no urgency to get those.

Exactly what I needed to know! Also you no idiot. And I think I’ll get a White Severe. Thanks Everyone, and yes studio you are that predictable. :wink:

Get the SEVERE.

Three reasons.

  1. Everyone wants them, its limited edition. Even if you don’t like it, which I think you will, it will have great trading value the moment they sell out.

  2. Its a great player. I prefer this over my Capless, Genesis, Dv888’s, Token, everything except my Avalanche. And, its $45. Cmon, you cant beat that.

  3. Delrin - if you’re looking for your first metal, you’ve been using plastics for some time. Delrin, in my opinion is a great transition from plastic to metal. It has the plastic texture but the solidity and smoothness of a metal.

I know you’re excited, you can get your first metal. I was excited too. Ill be honest, I would have been more excited when i got the Severe. Its a great throw. If you’re dead set on getting a metal, get YYF’s other $45 dollar throw, the Dv888. I think it should be everyones first metal because with the addition of a new bearing in a few months time, it can take you wherever you want to go with yo-yoing.

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Okay, so I would say that the gfunk is a real love/hate throw. It is a very good performer, fast and stable, but at the same time, it is not all that smooth (IMO), and from my limited experience with it, it is not all that forgiving. Regardless, I love it. The severe is impossible to dislike IMO. Smooth, fast stable, and long spins. Both of these yoyos have a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad ( yes that much) tight bearing seat. I actually messed up my g funk trying to get out the bearing. Just something to be aware of. It is a Great yoyo regardless. Also considered the cafe racer. It is very good.

You really think it is impossible to dislike?

Impossible to dislike? Yeah, really. Good one.

I didn’t like the Severe. Doesn’t mean anything other than “I don’t care for it”. Preferences, plain and simple.

Played it at Nationals, didn’t care for it. That just means one more will go to someone who should enjoy it.

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I wouldn’t take digs at Banjo if I were you. He’s well liked here. It’s a good way to get your feelings hurt.

On topic: as much as I like the Raptor, the Severe is likely to have more trade value if you end up not liking it or want to trade it in the future.

I didnt mean anything by it obviously. I hope it was obvious :o