Recommend me a new yoyo please

Hey, I recently got myself a Magic T6 yoyo and have been getting back into it again. However, I’m looking at maybe buying a new yoyo since I’m having a few problems.
When performing tricks such as Cold Fusion the yoyo slows down a lot due to the amount of string windings; making it difficult to combine tricks. This is especially annoying when learning new tricks as it forces me to rush through the trick whilst the yoyo is still spinning (maybe I just need to work on my throws). Also, the man who sold me the yoyo said it was unresponsive although the yoyo generally always returns given enough slack.

Maybe there could be a longer sleeping less responsive yoyo within the $50 range you guys could recommend (I’m also interested in learning some grind tricks so maybe metal yoyo’s are best)?

Any help would be appreciated :smiley:

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Hmm, the Magic Yoyo T6 should be fine for you…

It sounds like the bearing is dirty…

How about trying cleaning it with a method here:,871.0.html and tell us how it works out?

YYF Champions collection severe:

This is honestly your best bet.

there are a lot of these threads join around these days.

T6 is alright for now.

No, the bearing is fine. The yoyo is fine too.

The “winding” problem you are experiencing is due to the concave shape of the bearing.

Putting in a Center Trac or a flat bearing should fix the problem.

Honestly I’ve been wondering why isn’t every high-end yoyo equipped with a Center-Trac.

Because they are a yyf bearing, which (just a guess here) would mean they would have to buy them from yoyofactory. making it a pain to deal with compared to buying bulk bearings from a bearing company.

They are from Central Bearing Co.

If you are willing to pay like $65, You should get a crucial A.Y.C.E.

Going to be the same issue, here they are not exactly a bulk supplyer.

Alright thanks guys! I guess I’ll have a play around with the bearing and see what results I can get.

If you dont like your T6 you should get the YYF Severe as others have reccomended… honestly the best yoyo under $50.

There aren’t that many string layers in cold fusion. A 1.5, thrown over the non-throw hand, then back and twice around the throw hand, then unwound and swing unto the string.

1: Clean the bearing and do it properly.

2: Throw better. You’re saying you’re getting back into it, so you’re rusty. Work through it.

3: Learn the trick better to perform it cleaner.

#2 is very critical. #3 is also important. #1 never hurts.

In addition to that, 1) change your string a little more often than usual or 2) use a flat bearing.

Nothing wrong with a dv888. Ever.