Recommend a netflix movie

Give a recommendation of a netflix movie that you can view instantly.

Here’e mine: The perfect host- its a drama and psychological thriller :-[

P.S. Try to recommend something that you think many people might not have seen or heard of, but you find to be good. :wink:

Babies- cutest movie ever!

Couldn’t find a movie called Babies

Fat, sick, and nearly dead

The idiot cycle

Watched it. It was okay.

For documentaries I’d recommend: Mansome (about male hygiene with a lot of comedians talking in it), Antics Road show (about famous pranks and prankers), or Buskers (about the life of street performers)

Mansome is really great!

If you’re in a documentary mood, Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

NOT Dragonslayer unless you want to be depressed. It’s a pretty good documentary, but man… felt so… depleted… after watching it.

I love that one!

For some good clean comedy, Though Shalt Laugh 1 and 2.

Just watched Snatch.

It’s rated R for a good reason, but if you like gangster type movie or the movie Fight Club I have a feeling you’d like this one.

By the way, did any one watch my initial recommendation The perfect Host? If so, what did you think of it?

Xgame ie death tube is my favorite. It a Japanese horror/drama.

eh. I don’t like subtitled movies. I read the description and it looks like a pretty disturbing movie.

Hurry somebody recommend me a movie to watch on netflix, something you think is a good watch.

The Tick, live action sitcom version. All 9 glorious episodes. :wink: Better’n many movies there.

If it must be a movie, True Grit.

I will recommend Moon, it’s a bit slow but really good indie film

The war on kids

a look into why the education system is failing america

It discusses the effects of zero tolerance policies. It also discusses why Americas schools are over medicating there students.

For those of you with R-rated privileges, and if you have these please make sure you should have them, I’d recommend a short series called Green Wing. It is a comedy of epic proportions. Think Scrubs, but crazy weird, and actually funny. For more PG viewing, Blackadder is always the way forward.


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Logi, I keep seeing that in the “recommended for you” row, and every time I do, I yell that out. Much to my wife’s utter lack of delight. :wink: (JK, she does giggle a wee bit)

Try Monty Python and the Holy Grail. :wink:

I have two. Both very different but both very good. “Ip Man” is the first. It’s subtitled which I normally don’t like but I’ve probably watched it 7 or 8 times. The second is “Exit Through the Gift Shop”.