Recomend a first Fixie?

I am currently looking for a good fixed axle yoyo, but all of the options seem so different. That and a combination of having no knowlage of what to look for. Any suggestions?

These are $10.00 and get good reviews. Hard to go wrong at that price.


Thanks, I’ll check that out.

But a lot of people say you “must” use cotton string with a Fixie. Does it make that much of a difference/ what string would you recommend?

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Cotton is what I use. Someone that throws really hard, i.e. @edhaponik , can actually melt a polyester string from friction on the axle.


Yeah the legend wing is gonna be tough to beat at that price. As far as string, 50/50 can be ok but it kinda depends on what your playing style is, or will be. If you plan on throwing breakaways like you’re trying to skip a rock across a lake to get the most spin time, you might have issues with melting poly. I don’t throw fixies/ wood that hard just because I like doing a lot of stalls and regens, so it’s not really necessary, but I still prefer the feel of type 10 cotton.