Recessed Duncan Butterfly

Wow, it’s been a while since my last recess, and looks like I still got it! Also added weight rings to bring the weight up to 61 grams, the caps have to be flipped for the weight rings to fit. Only recessed one side since I wanted to have a hybrid response. Plays amazing! Has a thin gap but it’s very smooth and very fun to play with! If I were to do a double recess on these and add the weight rings, would you guys buy these for $20 shipped?

Is it the butterfly with bearing or normal butterfly?

if you look at the first pic you can see the caps on the non-recessed side

it’s an XT

oh I see now

A XT not a OG.

Yoyo spirit, if you could as a bearing seat and recess and do whatever to a OG plastic butterfly, that would be sick.

Yea, I don’t own a lathe…

Drill recess?

There were some guys putting bearings in original butterfly’s a few years back. It takes a lathe to do it right.

I just bought materials to mod an OG

It’s not really possible without a lathe, do you have one?

We are budding modders. Lets try an make a Bearingized OG Butterfly without a lathe!!! Lol.

I’ll get back to you guys when i get it done it might be like 1 week or 2

Drill, or lathe?

For someone who hasn’t really modded before, you’re really trying to make it seem easier than it really is, both of you :stuck_out_tongue: But then again, your friend owns a lathe.

My friend ::).

Me no mod?? I actually don’t really. I have however made a yoyo and recessed a yoyo and made string and polished and stained and painted and uhh and uhh and well that’s it…

no it’s not easy at all. It’s not even possible to recess a OG butterfly as far as I know the wall is to thin from what im looking at right now :stuck_out_tongue: I just have a little idea in my head that doesn’t involve modding really just taking it apart and putting a few things on it. Sorry if i offended you!

Not really offended. And it’s not just that the walls are too thin, the plastic itself sucks, the much older Butterflies had much better plastic and thicker walls.

haha ya wont it just burn ? :smiley: and I just now realized by grandpa has a lathe! He wont let me touch it tho…

and when you try to chuck the yoyo the plastic it week so it kinda hard to chuck it tight and not deform or get the yoyo off center