Recent fools good release

So I got my fg AC in the mail today. Has some ano flaws and a ding but plays so smooth and beautiful. My question is, does anyone know what bearings they put in them? It looks like deshielded concave 10 ball. And it looks like its used lol.

It’s a Centertrack, if I’m not mistaken. Did you order the yoyo straight from CLYW, or from the BST? If it was directly from CLYW, even if it is Fools Gold, it shouldn’t have a ding…

Ahh ok, havent used one so didnt know what they looked like. Thabks appreciate it! Yeah i got it directly from clyw. Ive attached a macro shot of the ding. It looks like it happened during the manufacturing process before it was anodized.

It is definitely pre anodizing, and makes sense why it is fg because that. Never heard of CLYW sending out a fg like that.

My FG arctic circle I got (the same time you did, I got mine yesterday) and it has a small ding as well. It also came with a deshielded KK or centering bearing. Which was a shock because the bearing was responsive and not smooth. I replaced it, and now the arctic circle is as smooth as butter.

The thing with FG is you have to do a little extra work to get it to be to its full smooth potential. It’s totally worth it, so I can’t complain!

Thats exactly what I was thinking. It plays great and I love it. No complaints just curious, thank you all!

First time seing a ding on a fg. But the is def. pre-ano. Also, all 3 fgs I got from chris had shielded centre tracks.