Received different yo-yo than expected in trade

So like
Here we go.
I do this trade with someone and I think I’m getting a certain yoyo. He was told when he got it it was a ____ and so that’s what he thinks it is! I get it and I’m like THIS AINT NO _____ it’s a ______

What do I do?

well hmmmm, depends really, what were the two yoyos that were mistaken?

I thought I was getting a rebel yoyo macrocosm but I got a revrec mangaroo.

I assume it’s one of those rainbow ano ones, so I can see where the mistake was made.

But didn’t you see pics of it?

Well he said he was going to give you a certain yoyo and he didn’t. I’d say reverse the trade if you’re unhappy with it.

he took a case pic so from the front it looked just like a macrothingy.

dannggg well, if you’re unhappy with the mangaroo which you probably are lol then i’d say reverse the trade, what did you trade away for it?

Void, dv888, DIETZ, kendama, for macrocosm and chief

hmmmmmmmmmmm well idk what to tell you, you may just have to settle for the mangaroo.

tho there is a price difference. soo idk if he should compensate.

If you didn’t ask what it was, and he never stated it, then you’ll just have to deal with it unless he feels sorry for you and agrees to trade back…

I did ask and he thought it was.

I think he at least owes you the cost difference between the two. or at least some sort of compensation.

I actually think you got the sweeter end of the deal no matter what…I say be happy you got a chief and mangaroo for under appreciated metal, cheap metal nobody wants,and probably one the least desired One Drops.

that’s not a bad point, the void threw off my scale, wasn’t sure how even the trade was.

I really love the DIETZ lol.

He was going by new prices. I forgot to ask the condition of the rebel yoyo(of course…) and it turns out it’s beat to death… So it’s worth like…

$5 or less lol

Ummm…I’d just discuss it with the person I traded with.
I believe that’s where you will find the real/best solution.

Yeah, he’s gunna see what the yoyos he’s getting look like.

I was the one he traded with. First off, he told me it was a macrocasm when I was not sure. He also forgot to say that I also threw in 10$ on top of it all and when he found out it was wrong he said it was his fault and he took the blame. I will trade back if he really wants to but I’d wrather not cause i fell in love with the void. What do you think I should do.

kinda sounds settled to me.

I know! The void is just so like, insane LOL.